Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Just another day here on the Owen range...

Scarlett and I ran some errands this morning and then Mitch got home a little early and we ran some more errands with him. The word errands always used to confuse me when I was a little girl. My mom would say, "We need to go run an errand." And I would wonder who in the world the other 'Erin' was she was talking about. Well, it has all become much more clear to me now! Errands are essential to running a home. They can be kind of fun on a pretty, sunny day. Especially when it means you get to pick up a soft pretzel and root-beer at Sam's Club! They seriously have the best soft pretzel for $0.94. You don't have to dig very deep in your purse for that snack...

Scarlett was not interested in her dinner of scrambled eggs with cheese and toast tonight so she totally had a fruit smoothy for dinner. Oh well, at least it was fruit!

And finally, not that I am a swimsuit expert, but if you are looking for a well made and modest suit landsend has some exceptional suits and they are majorly on sale right now. I think there is even an extra 20% off and free shipping if you order soon.
I just ordered this one in navy and got it for $12.79. Woohoo!

Plus internet shopping means no shuffling a purse and baby!
Well, gotta run... Mitch has called a family meeting tonight (minus the sleeping babe), this could be interesting!

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