Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Someone to celebrate....

I would like to wish a very special Happy Birthday to my sister Ryan today!!! I could not have asked for a better sister and friend.

I thought Scarlett looked so cute as she played away this morning in her jammies. She is obsessed with necklaces right now... she wants to wear them everywhere. My little girly girl!

We had the treat of celebrating with Aunt Ryan today. She and Nonni came up and we loved it.We had lunch hippy style from the food co-op because that is how Aunt Ry-ry likes to roll! And then we headed out for a little shopping.
I could not resist doing a little "then and now." Here are Ryan and Scarlett last year on August 17, 2010.... I declare! My baby is growing up.
Aunt Barbie joined us for lunch and the birthday shopping. We had no idea there were so many darling boutiques around, thanks for the tour Aunt Barbie! (or maybe I shouldn't say thanks because now I have to stay away from those places, ha!)


I wanted to slip this picture in so I remember it. It is actually from July 3oth for Scarlett's Uncle Matt. He was on his way home from Iraq on his birthday so we emailed him this picture and message from Scarlett. We are so thankful he is home safe with his precious wife and son!!!!

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