Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Playing at the park and family dinner.

My sweet friend Meredith and I met at the park today to walk, each lunch and let our kiddos play. Meredith's little boy Collin is just a few months older than Scarlett. He was not feeling 100% after having a flu shot the day before, but he was such a good sport hanging with us girls!

Apparently Scarlett had a thing or two to tell him about his matchbox cars....

I am beginning to believe my girl is a little bit bossy. I don't know where she could have gotten that from... don't look at me!

Collin was sweet enough to share his yogurt bites with my little 'hoover.' She may be prissy, but she keeps a very healthy appetite.

Here are the 2 cuties crossing the wobbly bridge.

And down the slide they go...
They made it! Look at that sweet boy.
Thanks for a fun "date" Meredith! But, I cannot thank you for introducing me to Sonic's peanut butter fudge milk shake... this is not going to be good :)
P.S. Kristin and Kingston, we missed you both!!!!!!!!!


We try to have Chaz over for dinner one night a week for a little TLC for our newest dental student. We had fruit, tuna sandwiches with spinach and sweet potato fries.
And here is Scarlett with our 'guest' who happens to be one of her most favorite people, Uncle Chaz. She is even wearing her little bib that says, "My uncle loves me." They are pals :)

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