Monday, August 29, 2011

Another week begins

Another weekend rolls by and it is Monday again. I can remember when I worked full-time outside the home, Mondays were so hectic. There were phone calls to return and lots of tasks to catch-up on and begin. I love Mondays now. They are usually my laundry day. We started off this Monday with breakfast...
Scarlett and I are loving Honey Nut Chex right now. They are so good.

We enjoyed the lovely morning on our walk with Aunt Barbie at the Arboretum. This is something we love to do.
Scarlett's favorite part is when we "cool down" by walking through the garden because she gets to run around :)

We love the Praise Baby collection at our house. Scarlett received "My Father's World" as a gift and she really enjoys watching it because it is videos of real children (and very few cartoons) set to worship music. It is so sweet to watch her little actions as she watches and listens... here she is in action.

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