Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A full weekend

I am a little late with this post.... Our weekend (this past weekend) was busting at the seams... we love having one of those every now and then :)

Saturday morning I helped my mom and sister give a bridal shower for a dear family friend -- Kathryn. Kathryn and my sister, Ryan, were roommates for a time and besides that she is a special girl. She has had a whirlwind romance and is getting married in September. We could not be happier for her. Here is Kathryn (left) and my sweet Sissy, Ryan (right). They are just as gorgeous in person!!!!
And here are some of us girls together.
Crista (who was also Ryan's roomie), Ryan, Kathryn and me.


Mitch and Scarlett had daddy/daughter time while I was away. I rushed home to see them and host a little ducky get together. KT and the Creeks came in for a little visit. We had a fun night. We ate pizza and then the boys went out for a movie (Cowboys and Aliens?) and the girls stayed in (our favorite!). I just love being with these girls... I guess the best way to describe it is that our relationships fit like a glove :)
Aunt KT and Scarlett. Could this girl be loved any more? ...Not possible!

Look at how adorable Beth is... She is pregnant with a little girl and we cannot wait for her to arrive in mid-November!!! This little girl is long awaited and has many prayers bringing her into this world.


KT headed on home that evening, but Beth and her husband Josh stayed the night because we had a very special celebration on Sunday. Beth and I were roommates in college.
Mrs. McKinley (pictured here with Beth and I) mentored both of us through our college days at Asbury. She is an incredibly precious lady and is truly a 2nd mother to both of us. She read scripture in both of our weddings and has prayed for us so faithfully over the years. She is turning 70 this week (which none of us can believe! she is so young and vivacious!) and so her husband had a birthday party for her. Her friends of many, many years spoke about each of their special relationships. I felt so honored to even be there. Mrs. McKinley even had a special moment where she called Beth and I and one other girl she mentored up and spoke, through tears, about how she was not able to have children of her own but that God provided daughters for her -- us! It was so touching. I am so thankful to God for allowing me to encounter this godly and faithful woman. Happy 70th Mrs. McKinley!!!! I love you!
And here is little miss 'skeetle bug' (as we often call her) after we got home from the birthday party. I thought she looked so cute in her little monkey smocked dress, carrying her box of raisins and running up and down the driveway :)
on the run...
our little raisinette!!

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