Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sweet fellowship

Mitch and I both graduated from Asbury College. Well, now it is Asbury University, but it sounds funny to say that! We loved our time are there. We both feel like the education we received and the entire "college experience" was great. One thing in particular that makes Asbury so special is the community that you become a part of when you are an "Asburian." We love the precious life-long friendships we made during our time there. The girls I lived with (the Duckies as my frequent/longtime readers know!) are SO special to me. There are other friends that will always be a part of our lives too. We recently had visits from some dear Asbury friends that I want to be sure and document.

Laurelee... I will never forget the first time I met this darling southern belle. Doesn't her name just make you think she should stroll up in a hoop skirt holding a parasol? I love it! She is a precious Georgia peach. I am SO thankful the Lord allowed our paths to cross!!! She was in town visiting her sweet sister (Caroline) and she so graciously made our house a stop on her trip! Here she is pictured (left) with another darling friend Courtney (middle).

Now Courtney is a little Texas cowgirl! Courtney is as sweet as they come and she has always inspired me with her love for the Lord and for the people of Israel.

Laurelee brought Scarlett this cute cup from Savannah, GA with a fancy straw and wouldn't you know that while we were upstairs giving the girls a little "home tour" Scarlett threw the cup down the stairs and it cracked! It was totally an accident but I was so sad. At least we still have the fun, twisty straw!

Laurelee decided she like Scarlett's "pebbles" hairdo and so she tried to do the same.... as soon as she looked at Scarlett she cried! ha!!!!! It was a very funny moment as you can see from Courtney's laugh.

When I started this post including Laurelee, it made me think of a precious reader Caroline, Laurelee's little sister. Caroline knit Scarlett 3 cute, cute bibs before she was born and I realized I have never shown Caroline a picture of Scarlett with one of her bibs on... Caroline this one is for you!!! :) Thank you!!!!


The DiMartino's are some other sweet Asbury friends. They were in town this past weekend and we were SO glad they came over for a little play date!

I cannot remember how Aidan and I met, I just remember having a speech communications class together and the rest is history!

There have been 2 sweet little girls added to the mix since we saw each other last so that made our visit extra special.
Here are Scarlett and Aolani. Aolani has beautiful olive skin and gorgeous dark eyes!!!
We are still working on sharing :)

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  1. oh, Erin! She looks adorable (as always)! Thanks for posting a picture with the bib. By the way, I gave Scarlett's sippy cup to Charlie to give to Katie to give to you...Hope it gets to you! haha...

  2. So glad you finally get to see how ADORABLE your work is!!! Thanks for sending her cup through the line of transfer! ha!!!

  3. I'm hoping that the sippy cup gets me a visit to SJ! Thanks Caroline!