Monday, May 9, 2011

Livin' the Dream..... Rolex 2011

2 weekends ago my cousin/best friend growing up competed in the Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event. Hannah Sue Burnett is her name if you want to follow her amazing riding career. I am quite sentimental about her "stardom" because we grew up riding horses together. We spent pretty much everyday together at the barn. It was a blast! When we were young we would beg our moms to let us skip school and go Rolex. We would dream of riding there one day.... well that dream has come true for Hannah. She is the real deal. It is seriously amazing to watch from the sideline as she lives out her dream!

Ok, so just to give a little history.... here I am with 2 darling "barn buddies" when I was probably 11 or 12 years old (I am the one on the far right.... you may also notice my precious mom (who is allergic to horses mind you!) in the picture as well)

That was my horse "Rocky." He was a gorgeous grey appaloosa. He was spirited!

Here is Hannah when she was probably 10 years old when she won the Oldham County Fair Horse Show on her horse Kody...

Hannah's mom, Sue, is pictured here letting Kody drink out of her silver trophy! Sue has always been like a second mom to me.

Here we are together at Rolex this year on Dressage day. Sue, Scarlett, my mom and me.

And here is Hannah! This is after her amazing double clean cross-country ride (amazing!!!!)

If you would like to watch her rides you can do so HERE.

On cross-country day Aunt Ryan (my sister) and Derek (Mitch's best friend) joined us... Here are the boys...

Our little family enjoying the beautiful day at the Horse Park...

And I had to show y'all this... Here is Aunt Ryan. ah!!! I know it looks really realistic, but it is just a cutout thing you pose with!

On Sunday (stadium jumping day) Mitch and Scarlett stayed home because it had been a long weekend already. Here is a picture of Hannah and Nike (her horse) riding their course.... I was way up in the stands so you have to look close.

Hannah ended up finishing in 8th place out of 40 something. Top 10 at Rolex is incredible. She is actually being looked at for the 2012 Summer Olympics! London here we come!!!!

Here is Hannah signing autographs for her adoring fans.... I told you she is famous :)

Here we are after her final ride...
Way to go Hannah.... I love you!!!!

And this post would not be complete without me showing y'all how much fun little missy had "watching the horsies"
She also loved our picnic lunch... imagine that!

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