Friday, May 6, 2011

13 Months


April flew by and you are already 13 months! You continue to be our little sunshine and are quite an active girl. I cannot believe how much you continue to change from month-to-month. Here is what is going on with you....

- You wear all 18-24 month clothes
- You wear a size 4 diaper and a size 5 shoe.
- You LOVE to eat. You and I made our goal of nursing 12 months! Whew, way to go us! You are now drinking organic whole cow's milk and like it pretty well.
- You love to drink through a straw. You are obsessed with it actually.... so much so that I even let you drink your yogurt through a straw!
- You are very energetic. You play hard all day long and I love to watch you. You are very determined which is perfectly coupled with your sweetness.

- You started walking on April 26th (Aunt KT's birthday!). You love to walk, but are still getting the hang of it. You are walking across the room and all over the house, but you take quite a few tumbles. We are so proud of you though because you never cry when you fall, you just get right back up and keep going.
- You have 8 teeth and are in the process of getting your lower molars. Ugh. That means sleepless nights for us, but I know this is just a short phase!
- You talk constantly. You say lots of things we understand but even more things that we can't! ha! You don't care though, you just talk away and nod your head because you obviously know exactly what you are talking about!
- You love to play with other children your size. You just love to laugh and pat them (sometimes a little rougher than mama would like you to).

- You love your daddy. You get so excited when he comes home and I know he loves that!
- You are 100% fun. You just have that sparkle in your eye that makes you light up a room.

- You are sleeping pretty good at night.... I think your teeth have been bothering you lately. You take great naps during the day (still taking 2).
- You are very adaptable which we are so thankful for. If you have to miss a nap you get a little clingy but are still so pleasant.

- You love to "love on" your baby dolls. It is SO cute. We ask you to love on them all the time and you just rock and pat them. It is so sweet.

I cannot help think about the precious little 1 month old I was holding this time last year...

1 month (May 6, 2010) & 13 months (May 6, 2011)

Mama and Dada love you SO much!

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  1. What a sweet and perfect angel! Happy 13 months Miss Scarlett!

  2. Can't believe you are 13 Months Scarlett! Time has flown by...And what I wonderful birthday present to share the 1st day of walking with you!

  3. Thank you sweet girls!!!!! I love to know you are reading! mwah!