Friday, May 27, 2011

Swinging in the rain.

Scarlett and I enjoyed a little lunch date with Kristin and Kingston earlier this week at the park. The weather man called for rain, but we decided to brave the elements anyway. Well, rain it did as it has been doing for what seems like the past month! I totally understand what Bill Meck (that is our beloved weather man) means by "scattered showers" now.

So, we just sat under the shelter until we did not feel like it was raining too bad and then we let the cuties swing!

They loved it! But when the rain came they were not happy with us when we grabbed them up and headed for cover again.

But dry or not we were thankful for a few fun hours with our friends.

Oh my goodness I LOVE this sweet girl!!!!!

The minor storms we have been getting around here reminds me to pray for our precious family and friends of Joplin, Missouri. Mitch's Aunt Mimi and her daughter Alex and her husband and sweet baby girl live in Joplin. Alex and her family had quite a scare and we are so thankful they are safe. I talked to Alex last night and she said they are still pretty shook up but so thankful that the Lord protected them. Also, my dear friend Mallory is a student at Ozark in Joplin. Thankfully she was home here in KY, but I know she will continue to be effected by the disaster that came through her second home. We will continue to pray for the city of Joplin!

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