Monday, July 15, 2013

sweet days.

Ivy is now a week old... and the days are so sweet. I am so thankful for 2 specific things I prayed for that God graciously gave us. First, I wanted so badly to have a short stay in the hospital. The timeline looked like this: I was in the OR for my c-section at 7:20 a.m. on Friday the 5th and by 9:30 a.m. on Sunday the 7th Ivy and I both had discharge papers from our doctors in hand to be able to go home. Oh, I was/am so thankful for a quick and uncomplicated stay!

Secondly, I asked the Lord to give Scarlett understanding and grace as the big change of adding a baby to our family could/would be quite stunning. It's like, you want your child to understand, at some point, that the world does not revolve around them but you would like to lessen the blow as much as possible. I am happy to say Scarlett has done incredibly well with the change. She is wild about Ivy and has been SO helpful to me. There have been moments of mild distress (wanting mommy when I am unavailable), but nothing unmanageable.

 I am very grateful for these two answered prayers. 

Here are my girls in their "coming home" outfit... I hope their little girls can wear it someday too! 

So... what have we been up to since arriving home? We spend a lot of time admiring this precious babe....

(As a side-note for my records... Ivy had be first "check-up" with the pediatrician on Friday when she was exactly 1 week old. Here are her weight stats so far: she was 8 lbs 4oz at birth. She was discharged at 7 lbs 14 oz. At the pediatrician's office on Friday, July 12th she weighed 8 lbs 8 oz! This girl is a good eater, praise the Lord!)

And staying active with this sweet girl... 
(why does she look like she's 7 years old when she's riding this big-girl bike? Be still my heart. Ah!)  

The days are sweet. Our time is quickly coming to a close here in South Carolina. Today we had the walk-thru for our move and I have to be honest and say that it stressed me out ever so slightly, even though I won't actually even be doing any of the packing (thank you military move!!). 

Our days of having Nonni here with us are also coming to a close (insert deep sighs and TEARS). All 4 of us have absolutely loved our time with her. Words cannot say how thankful I am for her. I think about my two girls and how much I love them and would do anything for them... and then I fast forward 20 years (in my mind) and think about how much I would love to help my girls bring their babies home and come alongside them as they learn to be mommies and it all comes full circle :) Thank you mama!!! 

Thank you for all of your sweet comments of congratulations and well wishes on here! Y'all have warmed my heart to no end and I remain thankful for the sweet community blogging provides.  

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  1. Love all of the pictures and so happy to hear your prayers were answered! PTL! If you're leaving SC, where will you be headed now? Closer to family I hope!