Saturday, November 9, 2013

These are the days...

My days are consumed with these two darling faces. Many are the days that are filled with repetitive tasks... laundry, organizing, picking-up, meal planning, grocery shopping, etc. (You mommies out there know what I am talking about!)

But there are the glimmering moments that make the mundane meaningful: 

Cuddling on the couch to read book upon book. 

Combing and styling curly, strawberry blonde hair to the demands of a 3 year old. 

Spontaneously playing hide-and-seek. 

Putting on a "wedding" in the early morning hours while still in our pajamas for two imaginary friends of the darling 3 year old. 

It is these moments I am really trying to tarry in.

Before long they will just be memories. 

These days we are living in will be "the days." The days I look back on and wish I could relive. 

I know I will miss the days where we can just play outside all afternoon...

And I KNOW there will be days I wish I could snuggle with my roly-poly baby love again. 

So, here's to the days... in the moment they seem SO long but truly they are SO very short. 

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  1. I agree! These are the days and it is so good to remember that!

  2. Sweet sharing and darling baby girls. Glad you are soaking it in friend!