Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Quackaganza!!!

It was my pleasure to host the 2010 Quackaganza (just a little background knowledge... the girls I shared a suite with in college, who are my dear, dear friends, and I named ourselves the Ducky Suite after going ga-ga over ducky decorations for our bathroom. Alas, we are the ducks... and our bi-annual get togethers are called Quackaganzas! This would have been our fifth year celebrating a Quack together as we started in April of 2005.) at my house last weekend. We had so much fun doing... NOTHING! Literally, we sat in our pajamas and watched I Love Lucy and ate lots and lots of snacks (which were very healthy, of course!). It is truly precious time that we spend together and I love every second of it. And, at this Quack, we had the first little duckling join us... Evelyn Sue, Rachel's darling little bundle of joy who is now 8 weeks old. The girls even had a little baby shower for Scarlett and I at Saul Good Pub here in Lexington. I loved it! Oh, and did I mention that Callie loved it too? She was totally pampered all weekend!
Above are just a few pictures of our time together...

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