Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feeling crafty

I have been admiring all of these darling burp cloths in the children's boutiques I love to frequent, however I have not admired the price they are being sold for! So, I was feeling a little crafty and decided to take a stab at creating some of my own. It was really fun! I just used some infant size cloth diapers (twill to be specific) and dressed them up with ribbons and rick-rack (which my dear KT helped me pick out) to my liking... what do you think? I still have 7 more diapers to work with... I will update you on my progress as I go!

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  1. And not surprisingly, my favorite is the thicker pink ribbon with the brown and white designs

  2. they look great erin!! way to go!!!

  3. Seriously, you inspire me to create! I love them!