Saturday, July 17, 2010

Uncle Chaz makes it to the ATLANTIC!!!!

We are SO proud of Chaz. He rode his bike across our great country and did not miss a single mile! What you did is incredible Chaz, you are the man.... but I know you would say, "It was not me..." So, THANK YOU LORD, for taking Chaz on that amazing journey.

Because Chaz left soon after Scarlett was born, he was really missing her and wishing he could be there for the precious weeks as she was changing so quickly. So, he sent her a precious postcard (that I know she will cherish forever) and talked about how badly he wanted a picture of the two of them together once he made it to the Atlantic. Something they could always look back on and say, "remember when..." So, here it is:


And here we are, Chaz's adoring fans... minus Mama and Daddy. Did I mention it was HOT???

Victory, sweet victory.

You did it... for those you may never even know. Well done. We are so proud.

Way to go guys, way to go!

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