Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pant-less wonder.

Hello! Do you like my new look? I have Jennisa at Once Upon A Blog to thank... she is a doll. 

So, SJ and I have been stuck in the house for going on 3 days now. None of us are sick (thank you Lord!). My car has just been in the shop since  4:30 p.m. on Monday. Long story... Mitch encountered a parked event truck in our neighborhood early one Saturday morning (on his way to bring his family breakfast from Chick-fil-A). I cannot be mad at the man... he is just too darling. So... I am feeling a little stir crazy. Probably not the best time to blog, who knows what will come out of my mind! 

The only encounter we had with "the outside world" today was with a sweet exterminator man named Larry who came and sprayed our yard for bugs... Scarlett met him at the front door with her red, corduroy Christmas dress on, gingerbread-man tights and a Christmas tree hair bow. Now, if that is not a sight for sore eyes I don't know what is! Anyhow, he was sweet and even wished us Merry Christmas when he left. Don't you love when people say that? You know, instead of Happy Holidays. I do. 

We are immersed in everything Christmas right now. Scarlett wore this sweet outfit to church on Sunday. The same one she wore to greet Larry the exterminator :)

 She and Mitch played on the back porch while I rushed to get ready. How is it that, on Sunday mornings, the mom is always the last one in the shower, last to eat breakfast, last in the car, etc? I think it is some sort of law of physics. Not that it really matters... So, these pictures were captured by Mitch while I was getting ready. Scarlett "sounded the alarm" to all of our neighbors from our back porch that it was the Lord's day and He is to be praised. Preach it sweet girl! 

We have been enjoying gorgeous, sunny weather that is apparently even abnormal for SC in December. So after church we ran by a sandwich shop for an easy lunch and took it up to the pool in our neighborhood to soak in the sunshine. Scarlett just could not stand that she was not in the "baby" pool. It was hilarious because we watched from afar as she, #1. Shimmied her little panties down to her ankles. 
And #2. She realized "oh yikes, those are MY panties sitting there" and "this may not help me get in the pool after all...shoo" 

 I would love to know what was running through her little mind that reasoned out she should go pant-less and then she could get in. And by the way, there was not a soul in sight. 

And for posting pictures of our little pant-less wonder on here... I fear that I may get a teenage version of this look in years to come. 
Uh oh :)

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  1. When you were talking about how you are the last to get ready all I could picture in my mind was in highschool when you would be running out the door with your makeup bag in hand and your curlers dangling from your head running as fast as you could to get in the "party wagon" :)

    1. Ha!!! Jessie, some things just never change :) Party wagon, yeehaw!!!