Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oh, the things you say...

Yeah for December 1st! We have decked-our-halls and I am happy to say we are about 80% done with our Christmas shopping. Isn't it so fun? 

We took a trip to Target this morning after having breakfast at Chick-fil-A. Please don't confuse me with Scrooge, but I don't think I would mind one bit if this was our last trip to Target before Christmas. It was bedlam in there! 

Scarlett has been cracking us up for weeks and weeks now. I have been meaning to record some of the sweet and hilarious things she says to us, so here it goes...

"Mommy, I love worms." (as in the ones we see on the sidewalk when it rains. Ha!)

"Mommy, what do worms eat?"

"Can you do me a favor, Mommy?"

"You need help, Mommy? You need help?" (in the kitchen)

"Friday...Friday!!...Daddy not go to work anymore!" (when Mitch gets home on Friday afternoons)

Whenever she sees a cross: "Mommy! God is able!"

"Where did my tail go?" (holding her backside running around the house)

"Daddy not my girl... I am Mommy's girl."

"Shew... Callie's breath is too stinky for me."

"Mommy... I need to go peepee, poopoo, peepee, poopoo, peepee, poopoo on the potty!"

"Right now!"

....And so may more that have currently slipped my mind! These are the days :)

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