Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 recap

Our Thanksgiving involved a very full house. But, I loved every second of it! If I were to "count" some of the richest blessings in my life, they were right under Mitch and I's roof this Thanksgiving. That is something I am so thankful for! 

Nonni arrived a few days ahead of everyone else so we could do some food prep and soak up some extra hours together. Ah.... 

Speaking of soaking, well bathing rather... here is our turkey. Tom. He got a nice bath from Nonni and lots of lovin from Scarlett :/

We enjoyed walks in the crisp, morning air... 

And a truly sweet Thanksgiving craft with Nonni...

For my memory... here is the table set for our meal together. 

My 1st Thanksgiving Turkey! (I cannot take all the credit, because he kind of grossed me out in his state of rawness...) 

The man of the house slicing away...

Aunt RyRy and Scarlett. I think this is the only picture I got of Scarlett in her darling, little turkey dress!

It may hard to see here, but this sheet holds the lyrics to the song Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus
which we sang around our Thanksgiving table together. 

Family Movie Night! 

Black Friday?!? Nope! Freedom Friday would be more appropriate for this shot. We visited the USS Yorktown in Charleston the day after Thanksgiving. My dad was in HOG HEAVEN! He loves battleships. His Grandfather was in the Navy during WWII, so he has a love for things like this. 

It is incredible how HUGE this ship is! 

Scarlett loved the open space on the aircraft deck. 

Who would have known we would be a US Navy family!?

Our little gunner... she loved this thing! 

Uncle Chaz... also US Navy! 

Scarlett loved climbing in the airplanes. 

She cried and cried whenever it was time to get out :/

It's kind of tricky when you are playing hostess to capture all the moments on camera.... There were lots of special memories held in the 3 days we had together. Thank you to my precious family for making the VERY long trip to spend Thanksgiving with us!!! And thank you LORD for everything I have to be thankful for... they are too many to count :) 

And finally, Scarlett and "my boys" as she calls them. She got a little work-out time in with the boys. It didn't take long for them to understand she was the instructor! 

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