Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The USA and other things that are part of our day...

Well, I don't have a sticker to prove it but I voted today! Via absentee ballot since we are technically Kentucky residents. Anyhow, I will spare y'all the details. I am really hopeful that our country, the great USA, will be taking a turn for the better by this time tomorrow. This blog is the FURTHEST thing from a political blog so again I will spare y'all the details, but I do love to follow politics. I actually had a stent in the political world right out of college and I loved it! (I worked for the Governor of Kentucky, many moons ago) And I DO believe God appoints those in authority, the Bible states that very clearly in Romans 13:1-7. In my feeble, human thinking it seems that the Lord would certainly be appointing the man that I see most fit, however HIS ways are higher and HIS will prevails. This presidential race also hits a lot closer to home when I think about the fact that the president of the United States is my husband's commander and chief. Very close to home. Please Lord, may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 

SJ and I spent the morning running errands. I try to get them all done in one day. My favorite days are those we get to spend in our jammies (they are the most productive too!). However, they are few and far between. Here is where I found Miss SJ on our last P.j. day... she said she was "the Bible school teacher" and she was reading a story to her class. I love that her largest classmate, Callie, is the anything but unruly. Ha! 
 I found out a lot about what goes on in her Sunday school classroom just by listening to her run her "classroom." 

No big deal, but I am really excited about my 2013 planner that will be making it's way to my doorstep very soon. You may have heard of the erin condren life planner... all the hype is true, it's amazing. I use my planner EVERY day at least 47 times a day, so the steep price is worth it to me (plus I googled a coupon code!). I am looking forward to filling in the fun things already planned for 2013! 

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  1. So fun!So sweet that SJ finds it imperative to teach the dog the gospel (ha ha). Love those planners - the only one I've ever seen in person is yours and it was beautiful!

  2. I must get one of these planners! They look fabulous! Hope you all are doing well!!