Sunday, November 4, 2012

happy news from a precious friend.

My most favorite southern belle got engaged just days ago. Laurelee is a dear friend from college and has always been my guidebook for living in the south :) I am so excited for her, she has watched the Lord's faithfulness unfold before her very eyes and I just love that. 

We got to visit with LV (as she is called) a couple weeks ago and Scarlett LOVED it. Here they are reading before nap time.

SJ's little grin says it all :) 

Showing off her moves and her room...

Friends through the years! I love you Laurelee and am SO very happy for you... Cannot wait for the wedding date! 

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  1. Erin,
    I know it's a small world but the likelihood that your Laurelee just got engaged to a (great)guy that I've known for years is small I'm sure. Did she get engaged to a guy named Paul from Nicholasville??? Lori V.

  2. Hi Lori... YES!! She is engaged to Paul! How small is the world?!?! Let me just say, he has got an amazingly precious girl! And it sounds like he is pretty special too. How neat! :)

  3. That's so crazy!! I've known that family for years! As a matter of fact, Paul's younger brother Ben was Lyndi's high school sweetheart and they dated for several years. My sister actually met Lauralee recently and found out through a conversation with her that she was from Macon, GA and knew some of my family from there! Crazy small world! Congrats to them! Lori