Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gearing up.

We are gearing up for a wonderful week ahead. We have our family coming in to celebrate Thanksgiving and Mitch has been planning lots of activities for us to do together. I have been grocery shopping A LOT to make sure our pantry is fully stocked for our big meal. I am so thankful for so many of the blessings we enjoy each and every day. In particular this year, since moving far away from my family, I am so thankful for those I love. I am praying we will have a memorable time together and that the clock will "tick" at little slower this week :) 

So, I have been silent on here for a few days. Nothing intentional, just have had a few different things taking up my attention.... Bible study, Christmas shopping, dear friends in from out-of-town, etc. 

I wanted to be sure and post (for our memory) pics from Mitch's birthday celebration SJ and I had for him... 

First of all, Mitch requested pecan pie. I had not ever made one myself. Thankfully, I called his Gran for some instruction... :)

My lovely assistant. 

Her strongest culinary skill -- taste testing. 

It turned out great (thank you Gran!) and we had the table all set up when he got home from work. 

Our birthday boy... 

Mitch LOVES Christmas. We got him this neat Fitz and Floyd "Santa Mobile." Scarlett loved petting it :)

We had a really nice evening together and Mitch was asleep on our bed by 8:15... Waking up at 5:00 a.m. every day takes a toll on you. 

The perfect little party planner. I love you Scar!!! 

Okay, now I may need some warm wishes sent my way because Thanksgiving is being prepared at my house this year... eek. I pick up my 20 pound Turkey on Tuesday (!)  I spent a good part of my afternoon watching Food Network's Thanksgiving LIVE. Oh, I am so ready to eat!! 
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  1. oh my goodness I was so stressed the first time I hosted Thanksgiving! I'm sure you'll be the hostess with the mostess! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!