Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello darling readers... if you are still out there...? I have been absent too long on here. There is lots to fill in over the past 4 week gap that I have let drag on, but that's a post for tomorrow or the next day :) 

Happy Mother's Day to all the precious mommies that I know read this blog!! I have to say, God gave me an incredibly sweet, gentle and loving mother to nurture me in the Lord as a young girl and even still today. Today and everyday my sister, brother and I rise up and called her blessed! I love you mom and am so beyond thankful for you... words cannot even begin to describe how deeply I cherish our relationship.

Here is the very first picture of 3 generations... 
my mom, me and Scarlett on April 6, 2010 -- the day Scarlett was born. 

I recently read an article that, literally, I could print on a poster-board and hang in my laundry room to read every day, 5-7 times a day. I loved it. (I will share it below) Several different ladies have posted it on facebook recently so it might be "old news" to some. I just read it earlier this week while Scarlett was napping. Y'all, it's a mommy gut-check. You know the kind of thing you read and feel like you have re-calibrated your mothering by reading a few simple paragraphs. That's it. 

HERE is the article. Read it and be moved, lovely ladies! 
(or dare I say I'm the only one who needs this tender reminder... I'm fine with that.)

This Mother's Day, I want to celebrate how thankful I am that I am a mommy and the pure joy that 2 two precious girls bring me each and every day. And celebrate the joy of giving to my children every day. I will say though, a little pat on the back today feels nice :)

Just in case my 2 precious girls ever read this many, many years down the road... I want you to know...

Dearest Scarlett, You are the darling gift that made me a mommy. How could I have ever even imagined what your and I's days would be filled with? Unspeakable joy. Although I remember the first few weeks as a new mommy were tough, mind you. But you were patient with me and I with you and I just love being your mommy. I remember the first time you said "mama." One of the tenderest sounds my ears have ever heard. Our days now are filled with action and learning. You amaze me at everything you observe about the world without mommy even pointing it out. You are so very special to me. I will always unconditionally love you. You make me smile all the time because your heart is so happy. Your Daddy is always thanking God for giving you such a happy heart. I hope you will always know how deeply I cherish you. I am thankful today and every day that God made you mine. I will love you forever my little skeetle-bug.

Sweet Ivy Glenn, Oh precious babe of mine, I cannot wait to hold you in my arms. I love where you are right now though -- riding safely inside of me just below my heart. You will soon know that you and your sissy are my little treasures. I wonder what you will look like (Scarlett says you are going to look just like her. Ha!) and what your personality will be like. No matter what we may be able to observe about your appearance, I have no doubt that God has given you a precious spirit. I am praying for you my precious girl. I pray that God will make you strong. Physically and spiritually. That you will know Him and love Jesus from a young age. I cannot wait to spend every day with you and neither can your sissy! I love you already my little angel and just as I said to Scarlett, I am so glad God made you mine

Mother's Day 2013 -- almost 32 weeks pregnant with Ivy. 

 Here is Miss Scarlett before church this morning... Oh sweet one, you look SO grown up! 

And to those of you darling girls who cannot wait to be a mommy and maybe this day is a difficult reminder of what you do not yet have. Take heart, God has wonderful plans for you. I can tell you that I remember one Mother's Day in particular where I could not even dry my eyes all day because my longing to be a mother was so strong. I can tell you this, HE does amazing and beautiful things. And, HE is trustworthy. That is what you can stand on today.

Feeling blessed today. 
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  1. Oh that sweet, sweet baby bump: you look LOVELY friend! I loved that article - actually posted it on FB because I loved it so much, thanks for sharing again!

  2. Erin you look beautiful! Can't wait to see pics of that precious baby girl!