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Y'all! Y'all, y'all, y'all, y'all, y'all...Y'ALL. Whoooowwweee! This summer has been nothing short of eventful for us here on the Owen range. Precious readers... thank you for sticking with me. You may have thought I was never coming back... But I am here and by the grace of God my girls are napping at the same time (gasp!) and so I had to jump on here. 

If I'm shooting myself straight, I have to say that the past 9-10 weeks have thrown me for quite a loop. I actually just realized that yesterday. Ha! 

Change. Don't underestimate it. It's one of life's necessities (apparently I received an extra helping or two). Listen, I had one of those moments the other day where it was like the windshield wipers came on in the middle of a thunderstorm I'd been driving in for the last 25 miles straight. It was one of those moments that it was like my thoughts became indescribably clear, but you're not really even sure if you could explain it to another human being (thank you Holy Spirit!). We were visiting a potential church two Sundays ago. Scarlett had decided she wanted to go to Sunday School (in comes rushing the mommy emotion of "ah! I don't know these people from Adam and I'm leaving my most precious possession with them"...breath, breath... she's the Lord's not yours Erin) Anyway, we slipped in the back with Ivy peacefully asleep after the service had already begun. The worship was fabulous. Not that it is really my place to critique the band or something, but you know what I mean. They took the words off the screens and started just playing songs that were from way back. Like way back in our high school days. I loved it. They were familiar enough to not need the lyrics displayed. And that's when it happened. We sang a song that, of course, I cannot even place right now (mommy brain!). But the point of the song was this... God never changes. He stays the same. He always has. He always will. This may even seem elementary, but at the time it resonated so deeply that it may as well have been one of the deepest theological points I had ever contemplated. Now, before I walked into that service I knew that God will never change. I can say that and not think twice about it. It was just so personal at that very moment. And furthermore it kind of put me in my place... when I let it sink in.... He is sovereign. Over all the earth He sits enthroned. He spoke and created all things. He is worthy. My point of sharing this "moment" that I had was simply this -- I was reminded that God's glory draws our lives to be lived more holy. All you mommies and non-mommies out there know that with change comes emotions and tempers and the lack of a feeling of security and so on and no schedule for little ones and  so forth. So, using this "life change" (i.e. becoming a mommy of 2, moving across the country again after living in one spot less than a year, being away from my husband for an extended period of time) to create more holiness in my life seems like the only solution. Other than pleading true insanity (I am talking TRUE people). I will say that having the outlook of choosing to use what each day presents as an opportunity to present yourself more holy before God is so much better than parking yourself at the pool of pity.

So, without further ado nor any rhyme or reason here is a little photo "drop" from the past couple weeks...

Scarlett loved wearing this bride costume my mom made (which I wore when I was a little older than her!) while we were staying with my parents and walking around announcing "the bride is coming, the bride is coming!!"

Angel baby.

Here is Scarlett doing one of her favorite things -- "decorating" herself :)

Sweet slumber.

Going "hikin" at Nonni and Boo's.

Sissy love.

This is how I unpacked my entire house (minus the 100 boxes my mama unpacked on my behalf. OH! I will love that woman foreva...foreva eva!!)

This little baby doll is all smiles...

Scarlett found "her letter!"

Here are my girls after church on our first Sunday in our new city together.

 Smiley girls!

The Delta Fair...

 Very first pony ride! Uncle Matt and Cousin Matthew are close behind.

Sweetness to the max.

Enjoying our new backyard with Daddy!

Working on letters at lunchtime (she wanted to spell one of her favorite person's names --Unlce DeDe)

Our darling little ballerina all dressed up for her very first dance class (last Friday)!!!

She is a total character. Don't you love her shoe choice?

Ivy Glenn!!!

Wild woman!!!

Oh the peaceful sight of a sleeping baby.

Ok...I really hope to not stay away for so long.... Happy Friday darling friends!!!! 

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