Sunday, August 26, 2012

wonderful weekend.

We have had a wonderful weekend here and I hope you have had the same too! 

Friday night is always pizza night at our house. I am especially loving it lately because there is a little spot in town where you can buy whole wheat pizza dough for $2. You cannot beat that! So, we have been making homemade pizza and I will be honest, I don't think we will ever be able to go back to store bought. 

Miss Scarlett is quite the pizza chef... Here she is rolling out the dough...

Giving it a little pat...

And spreading around the tomato sauce....

Finally our pizza was done and she was ready for a little taste of the crust...


Saturday morning we were up early to work in the yard. SJ said she needed her sun hat. 

Daddy and Scarlett :) 
We had to invest in an electric hedge trimmer because there is so much vegetation around our house. It took Mitch close to 3 hours to get it all trimmed! Whew. 

SJ needed a shady spot to do some reading with Bitty baby... she was a little bummed that her picnic table, which is what this umbrella is supposed to go with, did not make the trip. There were several items that unfortunately just didn't make the cut. Oh well.

Here is our pretty girl before church this morning. She was so excited to wear her backpack and go to "Bible School." 
 She did so well! I totally balled my way through the first 30 minutes of the service because I was worried about her. It was like everything hit me at once... we are in a new place, we don't know anyone in the church yet, SJ was in a new room where she knew no one.... all of that to music, you know what I mean? Sometimes worship time at church just causes my tears to flow! But God continues to be so near to us during this transition. I am so thankful. 

Now everyone is napping and the house is quiet... sweet Sunday afternoon :) 

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  1. Oh I miss Friday night pizza nights! Glad you had a great weekend.

    1. Thanks KT!! We miss you, our honored, Friday night guest :)

  2. Looks like you all are settling in well :) What a fun night!! SJ is adorable!

    1. Thanks Jessie!! Slowly but surely we are settling :)

  3. We love to do pizza on Fridays too and girl - I'm with you on the worship + crying thing (EVERY SUNDAY...for real!). Glad y'all are getting settled. How are you likin' bein' a Carolina girl?

    1. Lindsy, first of all I have been meaning to comment over at your blog because Greyson is a DOLL!!!! Congratulations! I am so happy and thankful that he is here safe and sound. I am sure your world is a little rocked right now as you settle into be a mommy to 3. I am thinking of you!

      Oh sister, I am anticipating many Sundays of tears in church, I just have to place my self just right so I do not become the church spectacle!

      I am loving being a Carolina girl :) The living is really nice. I have not figured out we southern ladies style our hair in the immense humidity though. Please share any secrets you may know!