Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Living among the lizards.

This little guy was on our window yesterday. You cannot tell from this picture but he is actually missing a foot. These little boogers are resilient. There was a huge one on the playground the other day that had no tail at all. We are just not used to having lizards everywhere. Where we live kind of reminds me of a rainforest...there are critters everywhere. Something I cannot get used to -- palmetto bugs. I'm sorry but let's call a spade a spade... they are roaches, that can fly none the less! Eek. 

This very sweet girl is growing up right before our very eyes. She is so much fun. 
  A few of her most recent happenings:
- She is going peepee and poopoo in the potty! Not every time, but she is getting close. Yeah SJ! 

- She talks so clearly and in sentences. She still jumbles words up a little and it makes us smile. A few of her favorites... "You come with a me?"  "I help mommy."  "I miss you really much." "God is able. Jesus loves (yuvs) me." "I big girl, mommy." "You a nut." Oh and she loves so say her full name when we ask her... "Scarlett Jean Owen."

Just today I heard her telling her little monkey pull toy that rolls on the floor, "God is able, Jesus "yuvs" you, monk-ney." I had a moment in the kitchen as I was loading the dishwasher... Melt my heart. 

- She lacks nothing in the department of expressiveness. The girl has no future in the game of poker, that is for sure :) 

 - She plays so well just on her own. I try very hard to make sure she can help me with whatever I am doing either in the kitchen or laundry room, but I do think it is a learned skill to play on your own. I am so thankful she can do that. 
 - She is my little shadow these days. Mommy must be present and accounted for at all times. That's why I was so proud of her for going to Sunday School at church. I recognize that our move was a very big adjustment for her and it may take a couple months before things start to feel normal. I feel the same way sometimes! 
My BIG girl. She and I have this little song that we sing that just says "baby girl...baby girl...." Today I was singing it to her and she stopped me and said, "No mommy, I not baby girl anymore." Well! That is another one of her favorite phrases -- "I anything she normally does doing dat anymore." Ha! 

Every evening we take a walk to "see the crabbies." It's a little tradition we have already set. Scarlett loves it. She has not held one on her own yet, but it took me a couple days to work up the courage too! 

 Here are the cute, tiny, brown crabs we hunt for each evening. Daddy is now a pro at finding them and holding them. They are quick! But at first glance they look like spiders... that's why I had to work up the nerve to hold one. But I did it... Mitch said I should so Scarlett wouldn't be afraid. Ah, what motherhood will make you do :) 

Here is the sunset over the marsh in our neighborhood. 

We went down to the boat dock at sunset and it was breathtaking. 

Gorgeous Carolina sky over the river....

The outer-part of the marsh. 

Scarlett is so right...God is able... just look at His creation. 

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  1. I miss you really much.



    1. Ditto x 1,000,000!!!!! I love you, Colorado!!!!

  2. She is growing up: wow! She is so precious. Girl...I'm REAL familiar-like with Palmetto bugs and I'm with you - roach! Those suckers are huge though and let me just tell you I squeal like a girl when those things take flight! Ugh! Anyhhow - I hear ya. Love the sunset pictures and sweet nightly crabby hunting adventures - precious moments for sure.

    1. Thanks, Lindsy! Hoping you are enjoying precious moments with all THREE of your little blessings :) Saw that y'all found a house... so happy for you!!! I'll be thinking of you as you get all settled, again :)

  3. Erin, I have tried to leave a comment like 10 times I hope this works! My iPhone is killing me! We were on the way to Hilton Head yesterday when I stubbed across your blog! Funny how God works! We miss seeing you guys at church on Sunday's from time to time! I know Soley loved playing with Scarlett, we are so happy to see Mitch got a great Job and you guys look so happy! Would love to catch up sometime. Sorry I have not been able to get the comment to work!
    Megan Harbridge (Davis) megan@littletechie.com (my email)

    1. Megan!! OH! It is SO good to hear from you!! How funny that you found us on here, I love how blogging can connect us to each other! We miss seeing y'all too. There really is no place like home. I am sure Solely is just as darling as ever and so grown up! I saw that you mentioned you guys are vacationing on Hilton Head... that is not far from us at all. I hope your sweet family has a wonderful vacation full of precious memories!! Take care and I will try to pop over to your blog and see what's going on with y'all... Talk with you soon, hopefully :)