Thursday, September 6, 2012

These are the days.

I never imagined how difficult it would be to move so far away from everything I have always known. First of all,  I want to say that in light of some of the unimaginable trials many girls in my same stage of life face (loss of husband, loss of child, infertility, sickness, etc.), this move is certainly not earth shattering. It is a change, not a trial. Changes can be great and difficult all at the same time.  I tried to prepare myself for this big change and make expectations of what things would be like. But, I really didn't know necessarily how my everyday life would look. Plus, becoming a military family is a whole lifestyle change in itself! More on that later because I have never felt so appreciative toward those who serve our country in the military as I do now. 

I will be honest and say that while I have spent many an afternoon in tears since our move here, these are truly the best days of my life. Someone who is much farther along in life reminded me of that just the other day. She is 77 and her children are grown and have their own children and her husband has left this earth. She said she would give anything to just be able to spend a few hours with her kids as little ones again. From that conversation on my perspective about where we are physically right now has changed. I don't feel like it really matters as much where we are. We are together and that is all I really want anyway.

I am so enjoying that we live in such a sunny, warm spot for our first duty station. Although, most places you go with the Navy are on the coast so you get to enjoy the gorgeous view that comes with the job :) But, in case you cannot tell, we are a very fair skinned family. It's just the way we were made! Sunscreen is part of SJ and I's daily routine anyway (Mitch, now that's a different story!). We go to the pool almost everyday. It's just too hard to resist. Who knows, we could end up somewhere like the Great Lakes next and we would always regret not soaking up the vitamin D while we were here.

I am a little late on my recap... but never-the-less, we enjoyed our 3-day-weekend with Mitch over Labor Day weekend. So much so that I am wondering who I need to talk to make every weekend 3 days?! Just kidding. 

Here I am with my girl. Mitch and I were wearing our BLUE for the Wildcats last Sunday. Boo, they lost :(  You definitely know you are far away from home when no one even knows what you are talking about when you tell them UK and UofL are playing today. People just looked at us like, "So?" Ha! Oh my. 

This little miss sassy is changing all the time! She says the most hilarious things to us and Mitch and I literally cannot even breath sometimes because we are laughing so hard at her. 

And boy does she love her Daddy. I don't know what this little grimace is supposed to mean... 

Mitch and I haven't gotten used to the trees here yet. They are so pretty. So southern and charming.

I am certain we will look back at these pictures someday and cherish these moments. 

I wanted to give a shout out to Nonni (my mama) who sent a care package to us this week... it included SJ's rhino float and a new kick-board for the pool! 

Thank you Nonni!!!! 

Scarlett is working on her swimming. Currently she can blow bubbles with her mouth in the water, put her hair totally in and she kicks pretty well with Mitch or I holding her up. I think the next big step will be going under :)

Who doesn't love sipping on a little sweet -tea in the pool? 

On another note... T-minus 17 days and counting until my sister gets married!!! AH!! I am so excited. Scarlett helped me pick out my shoes for the wedding.... Here she is modeling a pair. 
... she thought a paci would be a nice accessory. Oh dear. I have started just thinking about tackling the paci issue and my blood pressure rises. Ha! She only uses it for sleeping, so that is good, right?! Eek. 

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  1. Beautiful post Erin! Praying for you guys and your transition :) SJ is just Beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Kathleen!! :) I am thinking of you often and we are still remembering you and Luke in our prayers too!

  2. Love all the pictures. I hear ya! Even though I moved closer to family - it's still hard to move away from all you know (from where to find the nearest grocery to having a friend ready and willing to meet you for coffee at the drop of a hat). I went ahead and signed up for MOPS as soon as I knew we were moving here because I knew it would force me to meet others and get the kiddos out to make new friends too. I grew up military and have lots of family who still are - it's an incredible community of people once you figure it all out. SJ is getting so big and you can tell she's just full of personality - such a fun time! Love the spanish moss covered tree pics - nothing like it and always signals to me that I'm close to home.

    1. Thank you, Lindsy! I feel like I can hear your voice when I read your comments... love it!
      I have gotten involved with an officers' wives' play-group and that is helping so much already. You are right, you just have to jump right in like you did with MOPS.
      I did not know you grew up military?!?! How neat. It IS an incredible community... I am just trying to figure it all out.
      Thanks for your sweet compliments on Miss Scarlett. Little girls are a joy, as you well know! :)

  3. Love the pictures...Love y'all but miss you dearly.