Friday, September 7, 2012

my sissy is going to the chapel... and she's gonna get MARRIED!

I mentioned yesterday that my sister is getting married in, well today the count is 16 days. Weeee!! I realized that I have not posted much about her whirlwind romance and upcoming wedding... A certain little girl and a recent big move got in the way. Anyhow, let me just say that my silence on here about my precious sister is NO representation of how I feel about this upcoming event in the life of our family. I have prayed and prayed for this day to come. For those of you who know my sister, you know  what a precious person she is. You will never meet anyone sweeter. She's a saint. She is truly my best friend AND sister. Before all of the festivities for her big day begin, I just want all of that to go down in the books. You never know what other emotions could come out the week before the wedding... ha! Just kidding, Sissy :) 

While Mitch was away at training this summer and before we moved down to SC, I had the honor of throwing a bridal shower for Ryan, the bride-to-be. Here are some of the moments I captured...

Okay, how adorable is this little doll baby? This is not Scarlett, this is a precious little cutie named June. June's mama Aimee and June are both in the wedding. (Hi Bojee, if you are reading!!!) June wanted to help Ryan open some of her presents... so sweet. 

Okay, let me just say that my sweet sister has NEVER lacked as far as facial expressions. My Dad will laugh and recall the many times Ryan used her non-verbals in public from the time she was a toddler to her teens to express how she felt about a situation :) You can imagine. He used to pull us both aside and say, "girls, your non-verbals are killing me!" Ha! We laugh about it now, but you know some things never change. 
Seated next to Ryan is another one of her beautiful bridesmaids, Crista ;)

This is the apron and cute pot my mom got her... ha! 

Look-e-there! Someone made her entrance.... Miss Scarlett woke up from her nap about half way through the party. One of my favorite ladies of all time, my high-school BFF's mama, Mrs. Hamilton,  helped me so much while I was playing hostess. Thanks Mrs. H!! 

Ryan and Derek got so many wonderful things to make their house a home. 

OKAY... This picture right here seriously might go down as one of my MOST FAVORITES of ALL TIME! I love the ladies in this picture SO much... 
(left to right: Scarlett, me, My Mom, Ryan-the bride, my cousin Elizabeth, my Aunt Barbie, and my cousin Lyndsey. I LOVE YOU EACH SO MUCH! 
Aunt Barbie is my mom's only sibling and both she and my mom have 2 girls of their own. So, we have a special bond :) 

Here is Ryan with her new, sweet Mother-in-Law, Denise, and our Mama... 

And here is the darling couple with their VERY adoring niece. 
(Derek had been golfing that day, so he was looking sporty, ha!)
Dede and RyRy, Scarlett LOVES you!!! 

Derek and Ryan you are so loved by all of us and we cannot wait to celebrate with you two very, very soon... 

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