Wednesday, September 19, 2012

wedding week.

Eek! It is actually the week of Ryan's wedding. I can hardly believe how quickly this came upon us. 

We arrived safely in Kentucky (boy, it was a trek) where Scarlett and I are busy helping out with all the "week of" details. 

We may or may not have watched a lot of movies on our 11 hour car ride.... hence little SJ's red eyes. 
(Just disregard the paci, okay... please don't judge me!) 

Cracker Barrel does it again! It was a life saver on the big moving trip down to SC so we stopped there again. It is better, in my eyes, than a playplace at a fastfood restaurant. Toys, candy, and a great sale section... and surely it is cleaner than a playplace. 

Our little sleeping beauty, cozy in the backseat. 

The first thing I noticed when we arrived home in KY is the perfectly crisp breeze. Ah... fall. My favorite and something we are not experiencing in our new southern home. I just love to be able to feel the change of the seasons. My mom was burning this delicious candle when we arrived and I have tried to find it at T.J. Maxx (where she purchased hers) without any success. It is very yummy. 

And here she is... the BRIDE! Scarlett loves her Aunt RyRy, even though she may appear a little dazed here. Ha! Apparently she, like all of us, has a lot on her mind lately :) 

Please join me in praying for fabulous weather this weekend. It's an outdoor wedding so we are counting on no storm clouds! 

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  1. It's supposed to be Sunny and high of 82 degrees :) Ryan's wedding will be beautiful!! :)

  2. haha so I totally just realized that I was looking at the weather report and "thought" it said 82 degrees but it really said 62 :) Ignore my comment earlier about the temperature! haha!! It will still be absolutely beautiful though!!