Friday, September 14, 2012

bippity boppity boo.

I am thinking ahead a little about what Miss Scarlett will don this year for harvest celebrations. I am particularly excited because there are lots of kids in our neighborhood so I think it will make dressing up extra fun. 

A little walk down memory lane... I will try not to tear up. 

Halloween 2010 -- Our little owlet (hand made by Scarlett's Nonni - my mama)

Halloween 2011 -- Raggedy Ann. (it was the same costume I wore when I was her age! very sentimental) 

I remember she had 1 hershey bar, one! And she was a little wired for about an hour while we pulled her around in her wagon :)

Mitch asked Scarlett what she would like to dress up as this year and she said without any hesitation, "Cinderella." So, I am actually going to try to fly solo this year and make her costume all by myself. Eek. Here are just some ideas and patterns I have seen...

This little pic is from Etsy. Darling. 

How cute is this mini Cinderella. Simplicity pattern 2563. 

I have to do some figuring and then find a fabric store in a nearby city because there is not one in our little town! 

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