Thursday, September 13, 2012

toe tails.

This is one for the books. I painted Miss Scarlett's toenails for the first time and she is wild about having pink toes. We painted them a couple days ago and as soon as the first coat was on she looked at them and exclaimed, "Mommy! You paint my toe tails!!" Since then there has been lots of talk about toe tails. She and I have the same color on our toes and she runs up to me all the time and puts her toes on mine and says, "Mommy, you match." 

I am just really loving this stage right now. She is so fun. 

On Tuesday afternoon of this week while Scarlett was taking her nap, sickness hit me like a ton of bricks. My throat has been the sorest I can ever remember. So, I had my first experience at the Naval Hospital to go see my doctor. It went well, I got an antibiotic and already feel so much better. I am so proud of Scarlett because she went with me to my appointment (that's the way things are when you are hundreds of miles from family!) and she was an angel. She just ate a little snack and played with her toys. At one point I did look over and she was trying to clean the floor with some baby wipes... I guess I shouldn't have told her the floor at the hospital was dirty.

SJ has become quite the little showman. She wants to dance all the time and is almost always singing a little tune. This picture cracks me up because it's like she's saying, "What?... There is a ketchup stain on my shirt?"

Here she is doing two of her favorite things 1) wearing mommy's heels and 2) dancing to her own little melody. 

She is often wearing my shoes. It's is crazy how much children mimic what they see! She loves to get her baby in the cart, push her around like she is shopping and bag up her toys in "poopoo bags" as she calls them. We use grocery bags to pick up anything Callie leaves in the yard or on walks, so that's where the name poopoo bag came from :) 
 And this little dress she is wearing cracks me up. She wants to wear it ALL the time. She calls is her "Cinderella dress." It's something my mom and I picked up at a consignment sale. It was a dance recital dress, from what I can tell. It's her favorite. And I have even let her go in public in it... never say never, girls! 

Sweet girl....

Just busy playing....

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  1. SJ's toes match Aunt KT's too! I can't believe how much older she is getting. I can't wait to see y'all soon!