Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nothing in particular.

We had a nice weekend together. The kind where we just stay at home with nothing in particular on the schedule. Aren't those just the best?

Earlier this week I went to a children's consignment sale in Savannah. I was pumped because I was just certain it would be busting at the seams with smocking and all the darling southern style children's clothing that I just love. Well, it ended up being a lot smaller than I expected. But, I did pick up this sweet, violet bishop for Scarlett. Here she is after church this morning....

This girl is a story teller... She was telling her Daddy a big one right here. 

This might sound really creepy, but I love to watch Scarlett eat. I think it is so sweet to see her eat something she loves... something healthy that is. So really, these pics are just for me to look back and love... she really enjoyed her Sunday lunch with consisted of white cheddar mac and cheese, roasted chicken and apple slices. 

On Saturday Scarlett and I fired up the oven. We set out to make my BFF Beth's famous Zucchini bread. It is da' bomb! I bought 4 zucchinis at the Commissary this week... Why?... I do not really know. Well, they seemed like a very "fallish" veggie to me. I am grappling for any feeling of fall because it still feels like the middle of summer here with the temperature in the high 80's. Anyhow, we quadrupled  the recipe and took 2 loaves to our neighbors... then we ate one, we are still working on one and froze another. Mitch said we looked like we needed an industrial kitchen with the operation we had going on. He was probably right. 
I just love being in the kitchen with Scarlett....
Mommy's little helper! 
She loved the end product too which makes our efforts even more worth it. 

I will have to ask Beth if her recipe is "shareable." It is SO good I think it needs a patent :)
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  1. TOO CUTE! Looks like yall are having fun!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! This is what you have in store in the days to come with your 2 little sweeties!

  2. Love a bishop and love it when my girls help in the kitchen...such fun memories.

    1. Me too! There was a young girl who had to be at least 12 years old at church the other morning wearing a smocked bishop... don't you think that has gone a little too far?
      Mommy's little helpers in the kitchen are the best :)