Sunday, October 16, 2011

it's pumpkin time!

Happy Fall Y'all!!! It is that time of the year where mulling spices, gords and crunchy leaves make their debut. I love it all! And, my sweet Scarlett LOVES pumpkins. She points and says "something that sounds like she is trying to say pumpkin" everywhere we go. We came "home" for the weekend for several reasons... and got to visit a little pumpkin farm with Mitch's family on Saturday. Their were animals and pumpkins so it was a hit. The kids really enjoyed it and we got some cute pictures of them together.....

This is kind of random, but I thought the horse was so neat... an appaloosa.

Our sweet girl.
Daddy and his little pumpkin.

Here is Scarlett with her Aunt Ashton who turned 18 on Friday!!!

Me, Scarlett and Lolli/my MIL.
We came home with some cute little orange and white pumpkins to play with as fall continues to showcase some gorgeous days!

Side note: I have had several people tell me that they are not able to or have trouble commenting on my blog... I think I have fixed the problem so comment away!!! I do love comments :)

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