Sunday, October 30, 2011

fall activities

It was a beautiful fall weekend here in The Bluegrass. The sun was shining but the air was crisp. So, we did some fun fall activities together. Scarlett has become quite a pumpkin fanatic so I was a little concerned with how she would react to us making them into jack-o-lanterns, but she loved it!

First we gathered our pumpkins...
We put some paper on the floor in the kitchen since it was too cold to be outside.
We drew out our designs and then started cutting. Scarlett did her cutting with a decorative butter knife because it was cute and most importantly dull.

She wasn't scared to scoop out the pulp...
And put it right into the trash bag.
Here is one of our finished jack-o-lanterns.
And here they are glowing away with Raggedy Ann and Andy!
Raggedy was getting out her pre-bedtime wiggles :)

Happy Harvest from the Owen Range!!!!!

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  1. How Sweet is that little Raggedy Anne!!!!! She is ADORABLE Erin! Happy Halloween :)

  2. Thank you Kathleen!!! I loved your pictures of your and Luke's trip to the farm... you are SO talented! Happy Halloween to you too sweet girl!!!

  3. And just win I thought she couldn't get any cuter...She dresses as Raggedy Anne!