Wednesday, October 26, 2011

our harvest-time friend

Scarlett wanted to reveal who her "date" will be as we celebrate "Harvest" next Monday here on the Owen range. Drum roll please....

Raggedy Andy will be accompanying her for the evening as she will be dressed as Raggedy Ann! Thank you Nonni for lending Raggedy Andy to us. It is really special because she will be wearing the exact costume I wore when I was about her size (but a little older, she is big for her age as we know!). It is also sweet because Mitch dressed up as Raggedy Andy one year when he was a small boy too. I need to find pictures of he and I so we can have a little "Raggedy moment" ha! As you can see in the picture above, she really believes Andy is real. She reads to him. It is so sweet.

The only problem is, when she hops down to be her busy self he doesn't do the same...
She just hoists her little hiney back up into the chair so she can be right next to him...
Because he is still that much fun!
More on our harvest celebration to come! Thanks for reading!!!

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