Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"But mommy, flowers are for picking..."

SJ and I were planning on meeting Kristin and Kingston at the park this morning, but our favorite little guy was feeling under the weather so we had to postpone. The day was too pretty and our lunch was already packed to so my girl and I headed out into the beautiful sunshine! 
Obviously we are at the stage where looking directly at the camera is just not going to happen. Sigh.
Oh well I guess I will have to wait until she goes to prom before I get a "posed" photo. Well, that is if Mitch will let her go. Ha!  

 It is so hard to resist picking... it seems almost innate to pick beautiful flowers. 

I guess this will be a true test to see if Scarlett has allergies 
because her little hands were covered in pollen. 

And yes, I am the lady who lets her child walk through the flower bed. Yikes. 

And the most important part of our outing -- LUNCH. 
An empty tummy makes a girl cranky, don't you know ;)
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  1. What a fun day! She is so precious!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! You are one cute pregnant lady!!! Hope you are feeling great.