Saturday, March 17, 2012

A little jaunt.

Hello from sunny Florida! SJ and I are finishing up a fun little jaunt with my mom, Aunt Barbie and cousin Elizabeth. I think I can speak for my entire family in saying that this is our "happy place." Our family has been coming here for close to 30 years. We love it.  Do you have one of those? A happy place that is. I hope so. There is nothing like having a place where you can just let loose... no makeup, no pressing schedules, no worries! You know? The days just go by too fast though. 

Scarlett is not crazy about sand. That's exactly how she was this summer when we were here. But she has become quite the little sea-shell collector.  

 This is a picture to show Mitch that his 2 girls are doing just fine, but we are missing him BIG time!

Look at this little treasure we found on our walk this morning...
 Scarlett was so gentle with it so I could snap a picture. She handed it straight to me and of course within 20 seconds I accidentally crushed it! uh. 

This is what lunchtime looks like here...
 diaper + bib = balcony wear

And here is our lunchtime view. Lovely. 

Hoping your day was filled with sunshine in some way. xoxo.
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  1. Found your blog through Lori - so excited! Mmmm...looks like a wonderful way to spend Saint Patty's Day. We vacay on the beaches of SC but a beach anywhere = heaven. Enjoy your time!

    1. So glad you found me Lindsy!! Thanks for reading! I need to pop over and catch up on you... I did see though that y'all will be adding a BOY to your family ;) SO EXCITING!!!