Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bringing a little outside in.

One of the many things I am going to miss so much about our house is our perennials. Every spring, without fail, they pop up and brighten our yard. Tulips, hyacinths, hydrangeas, peonies, and jonquils. I have to admit that I do love that they take no effort on my part. Is that awful or what? ;) 
  Flowers seem to be our theme this week. Scarlett and I thought we should bring a little spring inside so we selected a bouquet with various colors... 

This sweet smile is hilarious. Mitch said it almost looks like a little growl. I love it! 

Miss Callie is alive and well for all of my "doggy loving" readers. She is currently a tad too furry for my liking. That will change next week when she gets her spring trim at the "salon" :)

We enjoyed placing the flowers strategically around the house to bring a little of the outside cheer in.

We even had a special, afternoon guest to share our new arrangements with -- Aunt KT. (and tulips are her fav!)

We had to make our friend Beth's cookies while we were together. Thanks for the fun visit, KT!

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  1. Loved our little afternoon. It was so fun! I love to be in the kitchen with SJ - and Toot!