Monday, May 7, 2012

Wooo Hooo!!!!!!!!!

I know that title may be a little crazy, but that is how I feel!! Mitch graduated tonight and I am so proud of him!!! The part that I love is that I very clearly remember the moments of pure stress and madness that dental school brought upon him and I also know how well he handled it. He unwaveringly and tirelessly worked to accomplish this very goal today -- graduation and all the rights and privileges that come with being a DMD. I know he would say that the Lord brought him through... I agree. Thank you Lord. The past four years have been some of our greatest and I know that this is only the beginning. So, way to go Mitch... here is to the rest of our lives as we continue this adventure together, I am with you where ever!

Getting his hood.

Making the long awaited march down the aisle after being granted his DMD! 

A joyous moment...

Our little family of 3...

So proud of Daddy and so glad he is ALL OURS now!!!

Mitch's family celebrating his accomplishment. 

Our little wild woman! She was tearing it up in the grass... I am lucky she didn't leave with grass stains all over her new dress ;) 

Our "American" themed party decor... 

Aunt RyRy and her beau, Derek along with us. 

We had so much fun partyin' down with the fam!!
 A BIG thanks to Aunt Barbie and Uncle Bill for hosting us! 

Ah... A sigh of relief. It is finished. I never thought this day would really come. Now, what to do with ourselves tomorrow? 

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  1. How exciting!! Erin I feel like our lives are the same haha! Aaron is graduating next weekend too and I feel the exact same way! Can't wait to have him back and not have to share him with books, classes, papers, etc :) What a great time for your family! Soak it up and enjoy the nice break from craziness!!!

  2. I know, Jessie!! It's too crazy we are experiencing the same things right now. BIG congrats to Aaron on his accomplishment too. Hoping you two get to spend lots of "down time" together in the coming days...