Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Summer is coming y'all... I can feel it! We enjoyed a fun play date at my friend Stephanie's house this morning. All of us girls that were there have a 2-year-old so Stephanie named the event "Toddlers and Tantrums." Oh so appropriate! Luckily we had a lot of the former, but not so much of the latter if you know what I am saying ;) 

Of course, what play date would be complete without food? And Stephanie was so sweet to provide a yummy lunch for the mommies. 

The sun came out enough to have fun on the trampoline. I love Collin's little face in this picture...

There is SJ's man -- Kingston. 

Bless her heart, she couldn't keep her feet under her! She loved it. I was thinking that maybe I should ask my parents to get out our childhood trampoline that I am pretty sure they still have. But it doesn't have a net or polls or even a gard for the springs! Ha! I can't even count how many times we fell of when we were kids... My how the times change. 

Here is the little love bug - Kyleigh. She was so sweet to share her toys with us. 

A little couples mowing... 

Poor Collin is taking a tumble in this pic! 

Thanks for a fun morning, girls! Let's do it again soon. 

I probably seem so wishy-washy in my posts from one day to the next. I guess that is a good depiction of how I really feel right now. There are good days and not-so-good days. Just taking each as it comes. As always, thanks for reading!  

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