Saturday, June 2, 2012


Okay, so maybe it is not so "lately." At any rate, I have missed y'all. I have been meaning to sit down and do a little update only 28 times in the last 3 weeks (gasp!), but our schedule has just been so off kilter. We are LOVING having Daddy all to ourselves. Time is ticking away quicker than we would hope and soon enough we will be onto the next chapter in life and settling into a new routine. More on the next chapter for the Owen's later...    

Here is what we have been up to:

A little fishing at Nonni and Boo's house. Because our SJ is quite the outdoor explorer she almost always has to have her "jacket" on because of the pond out back. Of course I don't take my eyes off of her, but it still makes me a nervous reck! 

Look who has discovered the camera on Mommy's phone... We have been doing a lot of time in the car, so this is a fun and entertaining way for SJ to pass the time. 

We took a trip to visit with my 2 best friends at my friend Beth's house. Beth took us to the Mennonite stores in her county and it was so neat. She bought all the produce for our dinner salad that night and it was delicious! 

How adorable is this sweet girl?!?!? This is the ever darling and growing McKinley (Beth's little girl). LOVE! 

BIG NEWS!!!!! My brother Chaz is ENGAGED!!!! He planned the most thoughtful engagement where both his and Karinne's families would be waiting to celebrate with them just moments after she said "yes!" It was so special. We are beyond thrilled to have Karinne in our family. She is one precious girl. This is a picture of (left to right) Chaz, Karinne, my Mom and Dad. They are planning a winter wedding ;) 

 It has been HOT here, so 'the cuteness' has been spending lots of time in her bathing suit.... Just as you can see here when she helped Mommy wash the car. 

This is completely random, but these chips are SO yummy. Perfect with fresh homemade salsa. I just love food that is natural (for real!) and tastes good. These are a score in both of those categories. Find them in the organic section at your local grocery store ;) 

Striking a pose is what this doll face does best! She just decided to crawl up on Nonni's couch and make herself comfortable. 

Our "new" schedule has made us miss time with this sweet guy -- Kingston. I know this picture is dark, but I had to include it. These two are so fun together. 

Our bathing beauty! As of yesterday this girl has found that the best way to cool off is in her "fishy" pool. 

Oh dear. This picture alone makes my heart have palpitations, if that is possible. This is now what our house looks like... boxes and more boxes and more boxes and did I mention there are some boxes in, oh, every room of our house? The packing has begun. 
 I recently realized that I have not shared much on here about our "next step" after Mitch's recent graduation. Well, I will wait to share all of the details until another post, but I will drop this bit of big news, drum roll please ---- the Owen Range is moving to the great state of South Carolina!!!!!!! 

 Scarlett and I saw Daddy off on a weekend fishing trip today so we are living large with Nonni!! I think little missy here would have liked to sneak into the back seat so she could ride off with the boys.... It was pretty much all of her favorite people all in the same spot :) 

Thanks for reading and catching up on us. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend filled with meaningful moments with those you love.... that's what we are planning on. 

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  1. How exciting Erin!!!!!! You just have the sweetest family! Could you inbox me your address? I need to send you a thank you for the PRECIOUS gift!!

    1. Thank you, Kathleen! We are excited... if only I could wave a magic wond and be settled in our new spot. I have my work cut out for me sister.
      You are SO welcome. I just loved getting something for your long-awaited babies. Hope your feet are kicked up right now ;)

  2. Did I know you were moving to SC? Girl - I was born and raised in that state! Do you know folks there because if not I'm sure I can hook you up with some Mommy friends!? Where abouts in SC are you moving to and when? So fun!

    1. Lindsy, I think we may have talked about it very briefly before.... At any rate, I love to know that SC is home for you! I have heard such great things. We will be in Beaufort. I will have to send you an inbox with more details or something. I would LOVE to have mommy friends. Heck, I would love any kind of friend.... I won't know a soul! Hope y'all are getting settled in your new spot in the Carolina's too ;)

  3. #1.) Finally a post! Thank goodness!
    #2.) Every picture of SJ is cute, but the one with the sunglasses and her life vest on is one of the cutest ever!
    #3.) I hate the picture of your house being boxed up.

    1. 1) I know!
      2) Thank you, she is such a sweetie pie. She prayed for "KT" tonight at dinner.
      3) Well, it is happening so let's make the most of it. Love you!