Monday, June 18, 2012

the union of productivity and fun.

My head seems to be whirling around these days. (ha! that makes me think of that song by Will Smith's daughter where she says, "I whip my hair back and forth...") I look at Mitch all the time and tell him that "my words are not good." We have just got so much going on between packing, a long-distance move, internet house-hunting, prepping for him to leave for training, scheduling travel and still trying to make everyday fun for a busy toddler. So, I don't have a whole lot to report! We did have a nice Father's Day together which included a get-together at the park with Mitch's family where we had a little belated b-day celebration for SJ. Mitch got a cute video of her enjoying the splash pad at that park that I will have to post another time.

Since we have been trying to join productivity and fun around here lately, little Miss SJ has become quite the little helper. This is something I want her to enjoy doing anyway, so it has been neat to see her come into that roll. Today she packed up all of our movies and made sure that the packing tape sealed up the box just right ;)
Here she is doing a little grocery shopping... 

We get the funniest "double-takes" when her baby doll is riding around in the cart all hunched over... I guess she looks very realistic from a distance. 

Packing. I can honestly say that I will never look at a cardboard box the same. Who knew the attributes of a box could be so important? Double corrugated,'s the way to go.  I am hoping that our military journey will somehow not involve 4 moves in 4 years, but never-the-less I am in it for the long haul either way. 

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  1. Yes, packing...grrrr...I do not want to do it again anytime soon: it's not super fun for us super organized gals. Internet house hunting: I get you there too - we had such a hard time we ended up moving in with my sister and are still looking! Did I mention the baby is due in like 5 weeks? Oh my! The picture of her with the shopping cart is precious - I'm all about my girls being big helpers too.

  2. Lindsy! I am completely worn out from packing and we are going to do it again in August. Holy cow.
    I cannot believe you only have 5 weeks until baby boy is here! How exciting! I hope you are feeling great. You look so good!
    I am sure you are soaking up every minute with your sweet girls before they both become big sisters. It sounds like they are going to be perfect as mommy's little helpers ;) I loved the videos of Kennedy showing off her VBS songs... too sweet!!