Saturday, June 30, 2012

Life lately... nomad style.

I have felt so discombobulated lately that a blog post has just not been within the realm of possibility. I have lots to update, so here it goes....

We moved out of our house last Friday. It was so bitter/sweet. Whew. I still cannot believe we somehow packed up everything. I am glad that is behind us because it was a lot of work! 
We will not be home in South Carolina until August. Our transition is a little complicated. Mitch will be gone for 5 weeks at ODS (Office Development School) in Rhode Island with the Navy. So, we sold our house and moved everything we own into my parents' garage -- epic. Thank you again Mom and Dad! SJ and I will be staying with Nonni and Boo while Daddy is away. I am not looking forward to our time apart, but I am excited to get a lot of concentrated time with my sweet parents before our big move. 

Okay... HUGE news!!!! My amazing sister, Ryan is engaged to be married!!! This took place on the same day we moved, last Friday. Listen, this is such a testament to the Lord answering prayer. In 2011, I committed to praying every day for Ryan's husband.  As 2011 ended it was hard to understand why He had not brought anyone into Ryan's life. Well, look out 2012! Derek and Ryan began dating in February and will be married before the end of 2012. Woohoo!!! It is such a treat to see my sister so happy and so loved. Here is Derek (my future brother-in-law) and Ryan right after he popped the question.  Oh, I just love it! I am so happy for this darling couple. I am really looking forward to spending a lot of time wedding planning this summer! 

One of the most difficult parts of moving is saying good-bye to dear friends. Well, actually I have decided not to say good-bye. We met at the park for a "final" lunch and play-date with Kristin and Kingston. It was SO HOT. We loved it and I am just so thankful for the past 2 years + together. These two will certainly not be replaced :)
I just love these two rosy cheeked 2-year-olds! 

Mitch was officially commissioned into the U.S. Navy last week. It was kind-of a formality at this point, but it is a special "right of passage" so I am documenting it. I am so proud of my sailor... :)

After packing and moving, we needed some downtime together before Mitch leaves for RI. We are currently enjoying our happy place -- the beach! 

Scarlett is loving the pool and so is "baby doll" since they are truly inseparable. 
 It cracks me up when we are out-and-about and people ask SJ what her baby's name is. She has named her baby doll, pronounced "baby dawwwl" in Scarlett speak. My girl has got a southern drawl, no doubt!  

Our little fashion plate is really enjoying her monogrammed beach tote from Aunt Barbie! 

We had a first today... We took Scarlett to the movie theater for the first time today. We saw Brave. It was so good. It was a little hard for SJ to understand not to talk during the movie, but she did so well. 

Thanks for reading! I promise not to stay away for long... 
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