Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This girl melts my heart. Like butter. 

 When she comes down the stairs in the morning after she has "put my clothes on by MYself" it cracks me up to see what she thinks she needs to be wearing to be ready for the day. In this case, she was ready for dancing. And we do a lot of that around here!
Scarlett, you have such a sweet heart. Your prayers at lunch and dinner lately... they are simply beyond precious. Here is what you said at dinner last night: "Jesus, thank you for my family. Thank you for brining my Daddy home from work today. Please give me a happy heart for my Daddy. I love you, Jesus. I miss you. Amen" Your Daddy and I LOVED every second of listening to you as you had your little hands folded and eyes closed. 

You also talk a lot about how you want to marry your Daddy. It's really cute. And, I can tell your Daddy loves it ;) 

Among other cute things that come out of your mouth... 
- "Mommy, I grow up. Go to college. Live with my friends. You come with me?" (clearly I talk fondly about my college days!) 
- "What are my mommy and daddy's names?" (she loves to call her Daddy "Mitch" a lot) 

And then there is your sassy side. Oh dear. You love to talk really crazy and really fast and then look at me like, "what are you gonna say mommy?" And then when I ask you where you learned to talk like that you say, "Uncle Chaz." Actually, anything remotely "inappropriate" you say you learned from Uncle Chaz. Which is probably 100% true. 
You are SUCH A JOY to us.
(I really hope it was just my camera angle that is making SJ look so tall. My baby is growing up!)

Speaking of butter. I made THIS Paula Dean recipe tonight. Yummy. We ate it with kettle cooked sweet potato chips. And, please...What is it about bacon? It tastes so good sometimes.

And, you can see in my picture here the apple "donuts" in the background. This is a really fun way to "spruce up" an apple for your kids. You just take the core out of the apple and slice it thinly and voila! A whole new way to enjoy an apple :) 

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  1. girl...we spend 99% of our time here in tutus listening to some girly fruity station on pandora and doing tons of twirls...their poor brother! =)
    I love her little precious.
    That sandwhich lookks AMAZING! Yum!

  2. Oh I so hope that SJ goes to college and finds best friends just like I did!

  3. I don't know about you, but I love to wear my cross-body with my dancing outfit. ADORABLE.

  4. Ha! Well I am glad to hear it is approved by one of my most "diva-like" friends! Love you.