Thursday, January 10, 2013

I had a precious friend of many years who said there is a girlfriend of hers who is waiting to get pregnant and that she was able to read my short response about the struggle of waiting. I don't know specifically what her situation may be, but I know that the wait can seem long and lonely. I empathize with her and many others I know who are experiencing the very same thing. One of my very best friends just recently experienced the devastation of loss. Miscarriage or infertility can come into your life as a scorching desert. A time where you feel like your prayers are not heard. Where no one understands your trial. Or maybe your desert has nothing to do with this subject that is so near to my heart. It may be something that I will never understand. But it is a desert just the same. 

I heard this song for the second time today and it captivated me. It's words are almost verbatim from scripture. I remember feeling like I didn't know what to do during my times of waiting. This song has the answer of what you are to do. In every season. I hope these words fall as sweetly on your spirit as they did mine. 

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