Sunday, February 17, 2013

A sister's intuition?

Here is a newsflash on our little growing babylove.... 

Scarlett and I surprised her Daddy during our trip to KY by finding out something very special... 

We took a peak at our little growing love and found out.... 

We're having a GIRL!!!! 

Scarlett's getting a baby sister, just as she hoped/thought :)

It was such a special experience to have my mom, dad and sister with us... Scarlett's little face was just precious when she heard the news. 

And Mitch loved our little surprise :) I had every intention of waiting to surprise him with our EXCITING news as soon as we stepped off the plane when we got back home so we could see his face/reaction but, I didn't even last 2 hours! Ha. (thank goodness for facetime) 
He is thrilled to be a Daddy to 2 girls now. Bless his heart, he is SO outnumbered. 

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  1. yay! They'll be the best of friends! Congratulations.

  2. HOW WONDERFUL! That will just be so sweet! Two sisters :)

  3. I can't wait to spoil her too!