Friday, February 15, 2013

Let's start at the very beginning.

We are back from a wonderful trip to Disney World, my almost 38 loads of laundry are about half way done and my little princess is almost caught up on her sleep. We had a simply fabulous time. We laughed, we cried (literally!), we toar up the streets of Disney and made memories that will last a lifetime. Anyhow, I am so looking forward to reliving our days in Disney as I post our pictures and memories on here, but I have got to (for the sake of keeping my own memories in order on here :) start back at the end of January.... 

Scarlett and I took a little trip close to the last week of January to visit my parents since our Christmas visit was so hectic. There were several friends that we wanted to see (and, oh dear, we still didn't get to see everyone we wanted to!).

Mitch took us to the airport early one morning and the South Carolina sunrise was gorgeous over the water on our way.

Miss SJ was an angel on the planes. 

And thank you LORD for the iPad! 

And my favorite part of the ride was holding my precious babe while she slept. It is seriously the best feeling, especially since she hardly sits down otherwise! (please don't judge my "mommying" girl loves her "bappy") 

It was SO nice to be in my parents' home... 
We ended our day with the stunning Kentucky sunset. Thank you Lord! 

The morning after we arrived at my parents', my mom and I took Scarlett for her 1st haircut. So fun! 

My very sweet friend Erika gave SJ her first little hairstyle :) She is a precious woman and even was my small group leader all through high-school! 


I saved her first curls and will cherish them forever! But I am loving her "big girl" hairdo. 

We rushed on home in the slush and snow to visit with our dear friends Kingston and Kristin. OH how we miss them!!!! 
As you can see, Kingston did not want his little face in these pictures :) 
These two little hams are so much fun to be with... and in the words of my dear friend Kristin, "absence truly does make the heart grow fonder." 

My precious friend :) 

Then we got to spend some much needed time with my 2 best friends from college... and the darling little McKinley. 
There is nothing like sitting in the middle of a ton of toys just chatting away with your bff's while your little girls play. 

Thank you to Beth's husband, Josh, for these beautiful pics he took of us and our little sweeties. 

And then just us girls got to go out to dinner...The Cheesecake Factory it was so yummy and SO fun to be together. 

It was such a fun getaway and was so nice to be with my precious parents... it just went by way too fast and we missed Mitch SOOOO much. 

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  1. So glad we got to spend some time together. It has been way too long.