Friday, February 8, 2013

The journey of the ears.

Hello darling readers! I feel like I have so many posts to do in order to do an adequate update (especially considering that I have not even completed a Christmas post yet....oh dear it's February). In short, the last couple weeks have been full. Scarlett and I went on a lovely trip to Kentucky to visit family and friends at the end of January... my tummy is growing a lot...Scarlett is changing so much every day (she literally read her bedtime story to US last night).... and today we are doing something as a family that I have dreamed about for a LONG time... Let me explain.

In December of 2009 on a trip with two of my precious friends from college I purchased these pink Mickey Mouse ears while I was 23 weeks pregnant with Scarlett. Especially at that time it was the neatest feeling to look at her little name embroidered on the back. 
sorry for the fuzzy picture! 

For almost 3 years now they have sat on her "special things" shelf in her room where we would take them down from time-to-time for fun. In only a matter of hours these ears will adorn her sweet head as we enter Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom for the first time as a family. Eek! I might sound fanatical, but if you've ever been to Disney World then you know how truly magical it is. 

I am looking so forward to making special memories together over the next couple days :)

M-I-C-...see you real soon. K-E-Y-...why? because we like you.  M-O-U-S-E... Mickey Mouse!!! 

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  1. Honestly brought tears to my eyes! I don't know if I could be anymore excited even if I was going ;)

  2. Aw! So super fun - y'all have a fantastic time.