Tuesday, June 1, 2010

8 weeks old and a visit from Aunt Ryan

Scarlett is 8 weeks old today! My oh my. She has been feeling better as far as her little cold goes, but she was still acting funny so we took her to the pediatrician. He looked at her ears and throat and said both were perfect. He then heard her little tummy and said she has a stomach virus. It all made sense when he explained it to us. So, I have been trying very hard to make her comfy... 2 sleepless nights is not fun though. Thank you Lord that she usually sleeps 6-7 hours when she is feeling good.
So, after we got back from the pediatrician's, Aunt Ryan came by for a celebratory visit. We were celebrating because she passed her state board and is now a licensed Esthetician! Holla!!! She is going to be amazing....anyone who wants an incredible facial or skincare/nutritional consulting should look her up. She is still interviewing, but I will be sure to post where she ends up setting up.
It had been a little while since Ryan had seen her little Skeetle-bug (as she has fondly named Scarlett) so we had to have a little photo-shoot! We love Aunt Ryan SO much.

Little Skeetle was fast asleep when Ryan arrived...

But that didn't last long!

Mommy still got diaper duty, of course...

Open wide!

Hahaha!!! Scarlett obviously doesn't know what to think of this fun!

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  1. I love you girls!! The look on Scarlett's face is priceless!!

    Hugs and kisses from here!!!

  2. Aw, JODY!!! We love you too and think of you very often!!! xoxoxo