Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just a swingin'

This is one of my favorite sights... to look out on the front porch and
see Mitch and Scarlett just a swingin'
We have oiled the swing hooks twice now, but they still get a pretty good squeak going by the end of the day since we swing A LOT. Oh well, we just might drive our neighbors crazy.

This is Scarlett's favorite napping spot. Can you tell? Such peaceful sleep...

Mitch does most of the swinging.... it is so sweet. The other day he reminded me of a country song (Just a Swingin' sung by John Anderson) that is perfect for our girl. It is perfect because it is about a girl named Charlotte Johnson, so we just insert Scarlett Jean and sing it to her. Here are the lyrics... better yet, here is John Anderson singing it, hhahahahaha!

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