Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Summertiiiiimme, everybody's feeling sassy!!!"

Okay, so Mitch has changed the words to the popular Rascal Flats song so it is more appropriate for Scarlett. ha! Just wanted to share a little of our summer preparation. First of all, Scar and I have not gone outside once this week because it has been 1,000,000 degrees here! We haven't even been swinging :( But we have been making plans for our summer fun. After Mitch finishes (and passes! ... positive thinking!) his boards, we are heading to the finish line to meet Uncle Chaz! Holla!!! We are going to the beach for some much needed vaca and will meet Chaz and his friends when they complete their amazing journey by putting their front bike tires in the Atlantic Ocean in Yorktown, Virginia. They have worked incredibly hard for an amazing cause. You can follow Chaz's blog at
His posts are great... I end up laughing and crying with each post.

So, here are some of Scarlett's preparations for her summer wardrobe... LET's GO SWIMMING!!! But NO sun-bathing!


- I don't know if it is the full moon or what, but Scarlett has not been sleeping as well as she usually does. I am exhausted!

- Scarlett and I enjoyed a very fun visit from our friend Brandy and her darling little girl Carley (Carley will turn 1 on July 20th) earlier this week. It was so fun to see Carley walk around and explore... I just could not get over how cute she was! I wish I had a picture to show, but I was busy with Miss Scarlett the whole time!

- Mitch's application has been sent off for his Ugandan visa! He leaves in less than a month.

- Oh my, I almost forgot to mention... Callie got a hair cut, big time! Haha! She was filthy and totally matted after spending 24 hours a day in Nonnie and Papaw's pond for a week, so a nice visit to the groomer was a must! Here she is.... her curly ears will have to grow back in.

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