Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thoughtful gifts from people we love.

Just wanted to show some sweet gifts that were given to Scarlett...

This is a darling outfit Scarlett's Great Grandmother (we call her Gran) sent. It is so neat, it has little ribbons on it that make it really unique. Just wanted to show Gran how cute our girl looks in it...

That smiles makes my heart skip a beat!

Sweet face.

This is a very fun gift that Aunt Barbie brought when she came to visit last week... a horsey! Mitch helped Scarlett name her horse; meet Ole' Buck...

I know she looks quite disturbed in this picture, but she actually loves this big guy.

I walked out of the room for 1 second and came back in to find this...ha! Daddy thought it was time for a pony ride.

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